Date Night Idea: Fall In Love

This date night idea is to help you welcome Fall once again.  Think of when you fell in love – what places did you visit?  What foods did you enjoy?  Make a list of everything you can think of that you could re-create on this “Fall in love” date.

Take a silk fall leaf and write a love note to your spouse inviting them to your special date.  You could mail it to them at work or home for an added touch and surprise.  Be sure you get it in the mail in plenty of time for them to receive it.

Our first date was at a French restaurant.  We ate Veal Oscar and then took a long walk around Lake Eola.  It was a perfect first date we have often re-created.

This is a great kind of date to surprise your spouse with.  They will be blessed to see all the ways you remembered your special beginning.  And it may just help you Fall in Love all over again.

Other ideas you could use if you don’t remember your first date:

  • Have a pumpkin carving contest.  Here’s all the details for how to do it well.
  • Have a Fall picnic in a park where the fall leaves are abundant.  Gather a couple of leaves and press them when you get home to remember your special date.
  • Make a music CD of all the love songs special to you from when you first started dating.
  • Go to a Farmer’s Market for a Saturday morning date day, then have breakfast out together.
  • Watch a travel DVD of New England in the Fall.
  • Have an outdoor fire or bonfire and roast marshmallows together.
  • Go for a drive in a National Park or a bike ride on a nature trail.

Most of all – have fun welcoming the Fall season together!  What ways do you celebrate Fall in your family?

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6 Responses to Date Night Idea: Fall In Love

  1. Lisa says:

    We’ve had this accidentally happen a lot lately. Because my husband’s parents were pretty over protective, they wouldn’t let their 16 year old son watch anything above PG-13. Now every time our kids watch Toy Story 2 we are reminded of our first 3 movie dates since nothing else was appropriately rated!


  2. torcon1 says:

    Debi, fall is my favorite season as well – thanks for the great ideas at maximizing the best time of year outdoors!


  3. Thanks again for the great ideas, Debi. Love it!


  4. Ali Bierman says:

    Tell your partner you want to have an affair. Make reservations (before hand) at some cozy out-of-the -way hotel and do what you wouldn’t normally do on a date.


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