What Does A Healthy Marriage Look Like?

This sounds like a simple question, but if it was then there would be a lot more healthy marriages then there are!  Winston Smith with Christian Counseling Education Foundation shares a short video (4 minutes) in answer to this question:

We shared with you recently the opportunity we had to adopt a vine at Shadow Springs Vineyard in North Carolina.  We received an e-mail yesterday with a picture saying our vine was ready to be harvested at 6:30a today (Thursday).  This is great news!  The vine has grown healthy fruit which is ready to be harvested.  What a rewarding day this is for Chuck – the owner of the vineyard.  His hard work has produced fruit which will remain!

Compare this to our marriage.  Imagine the glory God receives when our marriage gets to a place where He says – I’m ready to harvest some fruit from this vine in order to feed and nourish others.  This should be our goal.  Yes, marriage is for our holiness, but it is for SO much more – especially in this day and age.  Having a strong marriage when our society is opposed to everything it takes to grow a strong marriage, is nothing short of a miracle.  This is like giant clusters of grapes gleaming in the warmth of the Son, which is able to be given to others for their nourishment and growth in Godliness.

Here is a photo of our vine right before it was harvested:

What abundant fruit.  We pray this is what God is producing in your Romantic Vineyard.

What areas in your marriage do you see as healthy and producing abundant fruit?  Share them with us and thus, give God the glory for what He has done!

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