Why Voting For The Top 10 Marriage Blog List Matters

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In a Vineyard all the work comes down to one thing – the quality of the wine produced. There are judges who taste the wines and determine those worth a high ranking. You’ve seen the scores – wines with a 90+ rating are considered the best and worth your money. It is with great anticipation the winemakers await the results of these taste tests, it is the moment where their work is evaluated and hopefully validated.

When Stu Gray of The Stupendous Marriage Show started the Top Ten Marriage Blog List in 2009, it was to let people know what great resources there are available on the Internet regarding Christian Marriage. We don’t think he had any idea how this annual list would grow. This year there are 48 marriage blogs nominated. This is simply incredible! 48 couples who are motivated to help marriages grow stronger to last longer.

Just being nominated is a privilege.

But being named a Top 10 Blog for 2010 brought many people to The Romantic Vineyard who may not have found us otherwise. We see it as a blessing and one we don’t take lightly. Our blog has nearly quadrupled in size this past year, and a large part of it was due to being named a Top Ten Marriage Blog. Thank you, Stu, for your encouragement and support!

The voting for the 2011 list is taking place right now.

It ends at midnight on Sunday, and the winners will be announced on Monday. We would like to ask a favor of you – if you have found The Romantic Vineyard to be helpful, won’t you take a moment to vote? It won’t take more than a few seconds of your time, and we will greatly appreciate it.  Follow this link to cast your vote!

There is only one vote allowed per e-mail address, so each vote counts.  Feel free to tell your friends about the voting too. We want to do all we can to support Stu in his efforts to get the word out about all the marriage bloggers. God is doing great things among us, and we count it a privilege to have a small part.

We thank God for you, and we pray God will continue to lead you and guide you in your marriage for your good and ultimately HIS glory!

Have a great weekend!

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10 Responses to Why Voting For The Top 10 Marriage Blog List Matters

  1. I voted- but, they, too, have a problem linking to your site. When you click on their link for your site, then provide a 404 error and tell you to try again.


  2. Debi, you both deserve this – voted and tweeted!


  3. I voted for you! Congratulations on the nomination.


  4. Voted! I expect you to win as your blog is amazing.


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