My Wife

George and Noelle

As most of you know, we recently had a B.I.G. Christmas Giveaway Contest. The response was the best we’ve ever had – and understandably so. Our prize was BIG, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.

The entries were so amazing we had to expand our prize list to include a 2nd and 3rd place, as well as the Most Creative Award.  We are going to spend the next few days sharing with you – one at a time – those who won. Today we share with you the entry of George Romanacce, who wrote a song to honor his wife. The picture in the video is from left to right:

Our daughter – Tracy, our son-in-love – Seth,  our son – Jason, our daughter-in-love – Ashley, Noelle and George Romanacce, and Chris and Emily Morgan. They are good friends who recently went out together for a night of fun while we babysat. We took this picture before they left. 🙂

Enjoy George’s entry aptly titled, My Wife:

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2 Responses to My Wife

  1. Great song! loved it. Hope you have a Happy Christmas and Best wishes for the New year.


  2. Peggy Ballinger says:

    Way to go Jorge!!! Great song! You are a great son in law!!!


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