Romantic Sleigh Ride – Florida Style

When Tom got home from work yesterday he asked if I would get the mail. When I opened the door going into our garage – I screamed! There, parked in Tom’s space was a silver convertible!

I found out he had rented it for one day in order to take me to see Christmas lights. Wow! A Florida sleigh ride!

We dressed warm, since the temps were in the upper 60’s! 🙂 And of course I had to bring a blanket, hat and scarf. We were set to go “Dashing through the…road?” It still kind of rhymes, but we do what we can do to celebrate Christmas in the tropical zone. 🙂

Tom took me to Mt. Dora – a quaint little town north of Orlando that decorates their town square with thousands of lights. The sky was clear and the Christmas music playing from the CD player made the night perfect in every way. The Moose Tracks was the “ice cream on the cake,” so to speak.

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Tom received some major brownie points on this one – and yes, he’s already cashed some in.

Have you ever gone on a romantic sleigh ride?

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5 Responses to Romantic Sleigh Ride – Florida Style

  1. David says:

    How awesome. I love this! I’m writing that one down in my book to use at a later date. Only additional thing I have to do is get a sitter for the four wee ones.


    • Debi Walter says:

      If you get the babysitter on your own, me thinks you’ll get double brownie points! Good to hear from you Dave.
      Merry Christmas!


  2. lorilowe says:

    Very creative!


  3. Sharon O says:

    I agree if the above gentlemen figures out sitting and really let’s her relax, he will gain extra bonus points. Surely someone will watch four little ones for a evening.
    Love the idea.


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