2nd Place Winner

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

The 2nd place prize is a $100 Visa Gift Card to use for a night away. Again, we are keeping this one anonymous because she is planning to give it as a Christmas present. Congratulations! Here is her winning entry:

My husband has loyally supported me through kidney failure, a kidney transplant and years with little energy or time for romance.  With my second chance at life, my greatest desire is for him to have the woman and wife he deserves.  He is a hard worker, cannot retire because of my need for medical insurance and yet he never complains.  It has been almost 10 years since we took time away on vacation with just the two of us and to get away for a week in beautiful Florida would be a great second honeymoon and start to this new chapter.  The strain of having a wife with less than optimal health has been hard and much of what he enjoys, he has to do alone.  Getting away with just the two of us would give us a second chance at making our marriage all God desires it to be.

And following is a music video we believe goes well with her thoughts:

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