First Place Winner!

Photo Credit: digitalart

And now it is time to reveal our First Place Winner in our B.I.G. Christmas Giveaway Contest.  Drum roll, please…

David Traugott, husband to Kelly Traugott is our winner!

Below is his winning entry. Note the secret message embedded in his 197 word essay by his use of capital letters. Great job, David!

This is the perfeCt gift and would bE a refreshing respite for my beautifuL wifE (and me with her).  She gives her whole self away constantly and excellently.  She is my Best fRiend And greatestTreasure In this wOrld.  She wholeheartedly orieNts herself around me…serving sacrificially is her Way of life.  She alsO is truly laying heR Life Down for our girls…pouRing her vEry Soul intOthem…loving them, teaching them, tRaining Them and modeling for them what it looks like to be a godly woman.  She also gives her life away to other women in our church…carrying them on her heart as she Prays for them, teaches them, encourages them and Loves thEm.  She is also A Small business owner, with a goal of train our girls to be resourceful and wise.  I know it could sound cliché, but she really Embodies what is written in Proverbs 31.  So with all this, I make the request to select us to receive this gift, so that I may be able to take my wife away for a restful and rejuvenating time away, and continue to fan the flames of our love for one another!!

They will receive a much-deserved week away at our fabulous prize destination – The Celebration Resort Villas!

Following is a video we believe depicts David’s letter quite well:

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