Love Bears All Things

To bear means: to sustain the burden of; take on; take care of.

When Debi said she would be my wife for better or worse, in sickness and in health; she didn’t know this would include helping me recover from two back surgeries.  I didn’t know when I shared my vows with her it would include helping her recover from a very disappointing miscarriage followed by a natural birth and two C-sections.  These are the types of things included in “bears all things”.  But there are no guarantees what path God will choose for us to walk out together in this life.  True love is willing to bear the little things, the big things, the inconvenient things and the unexpected things.  True love bears ALL things – after all, this is what Christ has done for us.  He gave us the most He possibly could – Himself!

In researching the internet for this part of Scripture we came across an incredible story worth sharing.  It’s the story of Larissa Whiteley and Ian Murphy.  They were dating in 2006 when he was in a serious car accident leaving him in a coma.  Larissa started a blog titled, “Pray for Ian”, that shares their story – all the ups and downs of dating while bearing up under such hardship. One post in particular is titled, Dating Ian, and she uses this scripture as her inspiration.

Theirs is no ordinary story;  reading it will be the best example of seeing what this scripture looks like in real life.  You will be inspired, convicted and challenged to love the way they have learned to love.

ON A HAPPY NOTE:  They were married on August 28, 2010!

Another great resource is a new book released by Lori Lowe titled, First Kiss To Lasting Bliss. In it you will hear the amazing stories of many couples who have faced tremendous hardship in their marriage.

First Kiss to Lasting Bliss will give you the insight to protect and strengthen your marriage despite today’s challenges or any future obstacles that may come your way. These inspirational love stories provide examples of what real marriage is all about and show that great marriages are not perfect. It’s the twists and turns that keep life (and their stories) interesting.

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2 Responses to Love Bears All Things

  1. jenbajackson says:

    Marriage is truly a give and take arrangement – as expressed in Debi and Tom’s story. I believe it is the commitment to weather the “storms” together that makes the difference between a strong union and one that crashes and disintegrates against the rocks of life. My husband is a stroke survivor – his stroke occurred seven months prior to our wedding. Even though some days are more difficult than others, and some things will never be the same as they were before the stroke, I have never imagined what my life would be like if I had not married him. Best of luck to all.


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