Happy Hour

While the world celebrates Happy Hour trying to forget reality, we celebrate Happy Hour by highlighting great marriage blog posts worth reading. God has linked us together via the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association, so it is with full confidence that we recommend the follow posts for your weekend reading pleasure.


Encourage Your Spouse

Ferguson Values

Hot, Holy & Humorous

  • Create An Intimacy Timeline – Love this idea from J to help you see objectively how you’re doing as a couple when it comes to sex.

Intimacy In Marriage

Journey To Surrender

  • A Haven In Your Home – Another post by Jenni sharing something quite romantic that her husband did for her when they were facing a highly stressful season in their marriage.

Marriage By Design

  • Sex and Chores? – If you have been tempted to withhold intimacy with your spouse for ANY reason, this post is a must-read.

 Marriage Gems

My Beloved Is Mine

  • Do You Pray With Your Wife? – The key word here is WITH. Jason offers an excellent post on why this is necessary for a healthy marriage.

One Flesh Marriage

  • Flirting With Disaster – an excellent post that comes as a warning for wives from Kate. You may not realize these things are dangerous, so take a few minutes to read this post. It may keep you from disaster.
  • Four Ways To Destroy Your Marriage – this is in response to Kate’s post to the wives and is meant for the husbands to read. However, it easily applies to the wives as well.

Stupendous Marriage Show

The Generous Husband

The Generous Wife

  • How Inconvenient – Are you willing to be inconvenienced by your spouse? In order to be kind and generous to others it must start at home.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

  • Storming The Castle – Do you tend to storm the castle or do you knock on the castle door and suggest a compromise?
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