Block Party Date Idea

How well do you communicate with your spouse? Do you listen to what they say? Do you listen well enough to understand what they mean?

We have a little exercise to help you know the answer to these questions. No more wondering or assuming. This exercise is proof positive as to whether you’re a good communicator and/or a good listener. It may seem like child’s play, but be warned…the results may surprise you.

What You’ll Need:

  • a flat surface, like a dining room table.
  • a set of children’s building blocks
  • a divider
  • two chairs

The Set-Up:

  • Divide the blocks into two equal groups (same sizes and colors), using about 20-25 blocks in each group.
  • Put the two chairs on either end of the table, one for the husband and one for the wife.
  • Set the divider in the middle of the table so the couple can’t see each other’s blocks.

The Guidelines:

  • Have the husband begin by building with his blocks.
  • As he places each block he must explain to his wife what he is doing.
  • She is not allowed to talk, only listen.
  • She must build her blocks exactly how her husband explains he is building his.
  • Continue until all the blocks have been used.
  • When finished remove the divider and compare the two structures.
  • Repeat having the wife build and the husband listen.

We have used this exercise in small groups in our home. It is quite telling and even amusing if others are there watching. But one thing you will know for sure…how well you communicate and how well you listen.


Why not plan an evening to explore your ability to build together, one block at a time? Then, let us know how it went!

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4 Responses to Block Party Date Idea

  1. shawn says:

    oh this sounds fun. Probably a little humbling too. I’m not good at things like this when hubby has me try to picture something he is explaining.


    • Debi Walter says:

      It is humbling. We haven’t tried this, but Tom suggested we do it again, but this time allowing me to ask him questions back to clarify our communication. After all, this is what we should do when we’re talking together.


  2. workathomebusinessmom says:

    This sounds very fun. Focusing on communication is very important. Although my husband and I communicate very well, there is always room for improvement. Great idea!


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