Happy Hour

It’s time for our specials of the week–blog posts which we believe are worth your time reading over the weekend. Enjoy…

Faith Rising

  • Meet Dan and Myra – you will learn a valuable lesson by reading this post by our dear friends and mentors.

Hot, Holy and Humorous

Journey To Surrender

  • Priorities – the final in a series on avoiding Gray Divorce – the term given to marriages breaking up after the age of 50. Goes well with our series this week.

Marriage Missions International

One Flesh Marriage

The Generous Husband

  • Button Pushing – We know how to push the wrong buttons, but what about the right ones? This goes well with our series.
  • Don’t Push The Other Buttons – more on the wrong buttons.
  • Disconnect Your Buttons – a good start, but it also requires the work of the Holy Spirit to completely disconnect, not simply changing how we feel.

The Generous Wife

To Love, Honor, and Vacuum


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This is post #21 in the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in July.

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