We Are Torchbearers

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As we continue our Going For The Gold In Marriage series we cannot overlook the inspirational stories of the Olympic Torchbearers. Each runner is chosen for their personal contribution in life. It may be an 81 year old woman who has spent her life as a nurse helping others, or it could be a man in his 40’s who has epilepsy who has learned how to live an active and productive life without limitations. Whatever the reason for their being selected, the mission is the same–to carry the torch from its starting point to its finishing point.

It is an honor to carry the flame.

Meet the Allens. They were each selected to carry the torch on Day Two of the 8,000 miles race. Unlike a normal relay where the torch is actually passed from one runner to the next. In this race it is the flame that is passed from one torch to the next. It is called “the kiss.” Frank Allen ran towards his wife and was honored to pass what he had been given to his wife, Jane. Not only did their torches “kiss,” but he kissed her as well.

What an example for our marriages.

When we said our vows, we were in a sense, given a torch to carry. It is the torch of the glory of the grace of God. We didn’t start the flame. It was lit on Calvary when Christ secured our eternal reward through His death, burial and resurrection. He is the hope we carry within us and the reason we can faithfully run this marathon called marriage.

Sure there are obstacles along the way and weather to endure, but God has promised the flame will never be extinguished. What good news! Whatever trial or difficulty you’re facing in your marriage right now, there is grace available to help you not only carry the torch, but to hold it high.

When we get to the end of our life may our stories inspire others and point the way to the Grace of God, available to all who will but ask.

It is an honor to hold the torch for Christ. 

What’s your story? How has your marriage held the torch of God’s grace high for others to see and follow? What obstacles has He helped you overcome together? Let’s marvel at His grace today.


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4 Responses to We Are Torchbearers

  1. Alice says:

    Ok…hope third time is a charm:-) My computer keeps kicking me off right before I post my comment. I really want you to know that I appreciate this post! It got me to thinking. Often, in marriage ceremonies, the bride and groom will take two seperate candles and use them to light a large unity candle. I began thinking of it in the way you mentioned in this post. When we marry as Christians, we are two seperate people trying to shine our individual lights for Christ. As we become one, we must extinguish the flame of self, and begin to work together to shine for Christ. As one, we can shine a brighter and stronger light for Christ than we could have on our own. As we face the winds and the rains of life, we must support one another so that the light will continue to burn brightly. I’m sure this only scratches the surface of this thought. So much more to ponder…hmmm:-)


    • Debi Walter says:

      Excellent thoughts! So glad your comment came through. We hadn’t thought of the unity candle and what it symbolizes. Imagine if all Christian marriages were to incorporate this mindset from the start–what a difference this would make. Now you’ve got us thinking! 🙂


  2. Meg says:

    Our experience taught us that the Lord is the one who makes two into one. We can advise newer couples now on charting the murky waters of post-honeymoon early marriage because the Lord gave us the wisdom to choose love when it didn’t want to come on its own. He taught us service to one another because we were selfish, and His grace became more evident because it was not our natural inclination to put the other first day after day. It truly becomes the Lord shining hope to other couples because we could have had a hollow, lonely marriage if He had not extended grace and put other beacons on our path, showing us how to overcome, both as individuals and as a unit.


    • Debi Walter says:

      It is a challenge to put another person first day after day, but this is what a healthy marriage looks like. Yet, none of us are perfect. We are in desperate need of the Holy Spirit to give us this ability. Then, when we do succeed we know it wasn’t us, but His power at work in our relationship that has made the difference. He gets the glory and we get the benefit.
      Excellent thoughts here.


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