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Maybe you cringe whenever you hear the word creative because you simply aren’t creative in any sense of the word. Well, I have good news for you–you don’t have to be creative in order to have a creative date because there are enough creative people who are willing to share with you their ideas. They do this simply to help you have fun without the pangs of thinking the things up on your own.

This brings me to the reason for this post.

My husband wonders at times how I sleep at night because of the way my brain thinks. Actually, it never stops. Once I drift out of consciousness, I immediately enter dreamland or nightmareland depending on the night. It isn’t fun. It can be exhausting, but it can also be helpful. I’ve found having an outlet for my ideas really helps me relax, like letting go of something that keeps tugging on my brain.

So, consider this post another dumping of ideas where my husband can be spared of so many thoughts and ideas coming to him full force. And maybe, just maybe I’ll sleep a little better tonight. 🙂

Creative Date Ideas:

  • Pinterest is full of creative people who like to post creative ideas. Why not plan an evening using everything from Pinterest from the dinner menu – to the decorating – to the conversation. And you can follow us on Pinterest as well for a continual flow of ideas that we find helpful.
  • Days of Creation Dates – Since God is the creator of all things, why not plan 6 dates celebrating the order in which He did it all. Here is the list with some ideas following of what you could do:
  1. Light and dark – play flashlight tag in your house after dark. Eat light ice cream with dark chocolate fudge.
  2. Heaven – Go skydiving, parasailing, take a flying lesson, fly a kite, or just eat heavenly hash ice cream.
  3. Dry land, seas, vegetation – Go to the beach and build a sand castle, or visit a nearby lake or aquarium, take a drive in the desert, eat a vegetarian meal, plant a garden.
  4. The sun, moon and stars – Visit a planetarium to star gaze, buy or borrow a telescope to view the night sky from your backyard, take a drive to the continental divide if you happen to be in that area, Go sunbathing on the beach, or visit a tanning spa together.
  5. Living creatures in the water, birds of the air – Visit your local Audubon Society, go bird watching together, set up a bird feeder in your backyard, go out for seafood, go fishing either fresh water or deep sea, watch an episode of Planet Earth.
  6. Land animals and people – Enjoy a delicious steak dinner and then have sex! 🙂
  7. REST.
  • Alphabet Dates – Yes, you can date your way through the Alphabet starting from A all the way to Z.
  • Passport Dates – Take a trip around the world one date at a time. Begin by making you and your spouse a personal Passport complete with pictures of each of you. Then, select a country where you would like to visit. Plan your first stop with an authentic meal either prepared at home, or at a nearby restaurant. Learn about their culture and try to do something together you’ve never done before–take a drum lesson together (Africa), try your feet at Salsa dancing (Brazil), Learn how to juggle (Hawaii). In this case the world really is your oyster!
  • Rendezvous Date – This is one where you pretend you don’t know each other and make plans to meet somewhere for dinner. On this date you’re not allowed to talk about your children because you’re pretending you don’t have them yet. The focus is completely on each other. Be sure to dress to impress too. You only have one chance for a good first impression!
  • Mystery Date – We’ve posted about this one that our son and daughter-in-love came up with. Flip a penny to see which turn you’ll make. This date is for the truly adventurous at heart.
  • Romantic Scavenger Hunt – make a list of things your spouse has to collect within a certain amount of time. Then assign a reward for each item on the list. For instance, they have to find a heart-shaped leaf and their reward would be to see you dressed in something sexy with hearts. Here are some more: Hershey kiss = french kiss, hand-written love message = hand massage, Lincoln penny=Lincoln $5 bill, movie ticket stub=new DVD of favorite movie, bottle of child’s bubbles=hot, bubble bath or bottle of champagne, cluster of grapes=bottle of wine, photograph of someone smiling from ear to ear=a cheese wedge, a carrot=14k gold jewelry (Hey, who says they have to all be  inexpensive. We can dream can’t we?) Basically, if your spouse is a good sport they will be rewarded for getting all the items on the list. The key is though, you can’t tell your spouse WHY they must gather all of these things. Let the rewards be a surprise.

What creative date ideas would you like to share? 

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