Happy Hour

This week we finished our first Half-Marathon Marriage Blogging Challenge to blog 13 days in October. It was a fun challenge where dozens of marriage blogs took part, which provided a wealth of great posts to read for any stage in your marriage.

Most of us posted the first 13 days in October, but there is one blog in particular that didn’t start until two days ago – Fountain Family Blog. Jennifer is the writer as well as wife to David and mother of one year old triplets: Makenna, Noah and Emma. Yes, now you know why she started later than the rest of us. It’s a miracle she’s posting at all, but then Jennifer often exceeds the expectations of others. God has blessed her with great talent.

This is why we’re featuring her series of posts (geared to newly married couples and young parents) as our Special of the Week.  We pray you’ll come to love her writing as much as we do, and her heart for God and her family is contagious.

Fountain Family Blog

And here is the link to their RSS feed, so you won’t miss any of the following 11 posts to come. We love David and Jennifer–we were privileged to witness their marriage vows–we think you’ll love them too.

  • All In A Years Work – what does it cost to raise three healthy babies? You’ll be shocked and led to pray for this young family.
  • My Favorite Photos – a photo of the triplets each month of their first year.

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