GYRO Week 1 – Game Night

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Welcome to week one of our Get Your Romance On Challenge. We have several signed up for the entire 14 week date night challenge. However, we invite you to try one or more even if you’re not up to doing all 14. It’s going to be fun. On Monday we’ll open up the comments for those who are participating to share what they did or are planning to do.

Game Night Date:

Choose a game you’ll both enjoy. We have come up with some interesting twists to the classic games of Scrabble and Clue simply click the link for details. If these don’t sound good we’ve provided more ideas below:

  • Poker (or any other card game)
  • Video games, as long as you both enjoy them.
  • Chess or Checkers
  • Hide and Go Seek played indoors. (Fun Hint: leave a trail of your clothes when you want this to be the final round.) 😉
  • Touch Tag – take turns being IT. Make home base your bed.
  • Have a good old fashioned pillow fight.
  • Boxing Match

Plan snacks and drinks to finish off the night. 

Be sure to come back on Monday and share with us what you did. Happy Dating!


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2 Responses to GYRO Week 1 – Game Night

  1. Carol says:

    It wasn’t exatly planned, but we went to the bookstore. This particular one added a checkerboard, so I grabbed my sweetheart and challenged him to a game. I won handily the first round, but then he won the second one. That’s where we stopped. I like it to come out even.


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