GYRO Week 7 – Blind Spouse Bluff

Photo Credit: bashertweddings

Photo Credit: bashertweddings

With April Fool’s Day on Monday, we thought it would be fun to have a date with a bit of “foolery” involved.

Here’s how to plan a Blind Spouse Bluff Date:

First – Gather a good blind fold or large scarf that will be sure to completely cover your spouse’s eyes.

Second – Decide what food items you want to feed to your spouse. Make sure it’s things you know they’ll like. You want this to be an enjoyable date, not one to make them gag.

Third – Turn the lights down low, or use only candlelight for added romance.

Fourth – Play soft music. We’ve found the Downton Abbey Soundtrack to be perfect background music that isn’t distracting. You can play it for free on Pandora radio too.

Fifth – Invite your spouse to sit down and close their eyes. Put the blind fold on them and explain that they must try to guess what foods you are feeding them.

Finally – For every correct answer give them a reward of some kind. There are no limits to how sexy you can make this game. And you can each have a turn. There’s nothing that says this has to be a surprise.

Enjoy stimulating all your senses (and your spouse’s for that matter!)  😉

Below is a sample of Downton Abbey’s music.


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  1. Adam's Eve says:

    What a unique fun date night idea! Must try!


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