GYRO Week 10 – No Electricity Night

Light Pollution Map of the eastern US

Light Pollution Map of the eastern US

We are in North Carolina this week and had the opportunity to be on the Blue Ridge Parkway late one night. We stopped at an overlook point and turned off the car so we could gaze at the stars. It takes my breath away every time I’m able to do this. It got me to thinking about how life was for hundreds of thousands of years. The night sky would speak volumes to every person because they could actually see the stars.

When electricity was made available for home use back in the 1890’s, light became available 24 hours a day. Bright light too, not candle or oil lights. This set the stage for what is now called light pollution.

This gave us the idea for our next date night challenge:

No Electricity Night

Plan an evening where you use no electricity. That’s right–none!

For your meal you can use a gas or charcoal grill. Of course, you’ll have to use the refrigerator, but this is the only exception. 🙂 Set the table with kerosene lanterns or candle light. No television or background music. Pick a favorite book and read aloud together or select a book of poems if you like poetry. If you can, spend some time star-gazing and talking about how big the sky is. We’ve found that doing this helps to put your trouble in perspective.

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Be creative. Choose things both you and your spouse will enjoy. But make this a night where the only electricity used is found in the bedroom! 🙂

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6 Responses to GYRO Week 10 – No Electricity Night

  1. It’s fun- when one plans for it- to spend a night “in the rough”, “enjoying nature”. It’s a lot harder to do that if your local power company decided that your electricity was superfluous- and are FORCED to try this, when you have made no such plans…
    Just showing that it’s the planning- and reveling in the moment- that makes this grand.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Didn’t think about the many who have done this on an involuntary basis. It completely changes the mindset. May your power always work with the flip of the switch! 🙂


  2. Right – When it’s suddenly forced upon you it’s not likely to be much fun. We’ve been through that! But if you plan it, it can be a great adventure.


  3. That’s why my wife and I like camping so much there is so much you can do without electricity. Examples are take walks together, read a book outside, barbecue and eat outside, look at the stars, sit around a campfire and talk just great fun.


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