I Couldn’t Be Happier

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

As you know, my family surprised me last week by taking me to Savannah for Mother’s Day. I was struggling with sadness the entire week before because everywhere I went I saw signs for Mother’s Day reminding me my Mother was no longer here.

I couldn’t believe that all my kids would make such an effort to cheer me up. And that they did! The picture above is only one of hundreds I took. (They don’t call me Nanarazzi for nothing!) I was and am overwhelmingly blessed.

Stella Grace

Stella Grace

I’ve mentioned before that I often pay attention to the song on my heart when I awake in the morning. I see it as God’s way of speaking to me before the day begins. Well, is it any surprise that the song I awoke with on Mother’s Day was this one? Enjoy this segment from one of my all-time favorite Broadway productions, Wicked.

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  1. Sharon O says:

    Really nice pictures.


  2. Julie Sibert says:

    So thrilled for you friend!! Blessings!


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