Secret Message Summer Dating Challenge

Creating using Cooltext

Created using Cooltext

NOTE: Don’t miss the form at the end of this post. We’re gathering some info that will help us plan for the future. Thanks!

Friday was officially the first day of summer, and it’s a great time to add a little sizzle to your marriage. We’ve decided to offer you a different summer date for every letter of the alphabet. That’s 26 dates in all. If you’re adventurous and have lots of time, go for all 26 before Labor Day weekend. But for those who have to pick and choose due to time or financial restraints we have a better idea. We’re calling it the

Secret Message Summer Date Challenge.

  • Think of a secret, one-word message you want to give to your spouse.
  • Pick the dates that correspond to all the letters in your word.
  • Plan all the dates between now and Labor Day, but don’t tell your spouse about the secret word.
  • On your final date, write each letter on a 3 x 5 card and keep it hidden. Ask your spouse to tell you the letters of all the dates you’ve had. As they guess each one, lay that card in front of them. Once they’ve said all the letters, have them unscramble them to reveal the secret message. 🙂
  • Finally, take a picture of your secret message and share it with us via e-mail. theromanticvineyard {at} gmail {dot} com no later than Sunday, September 1st. We will draw a winner from all who enter and announce it on Labor Day. We’ll let you know what the prize is later just because we like to have surprises up our sleeve as well! 🙂

Below are the 26 date ideas we came up with, but feel free to make up your own. These are simply suggestions to get you started. Happy Dating!

A = Apple pie

B = Bicycle ride (tandem is best!)

C = Camping

D = Dancing

E = Entertain in your home (plan a party!)

F = Frisbee

G = Golf, regular or miniature

H = Hiking

I = Ice Cream Sundaes

J = Jazz Concert

K = Kayaking

L = Latin Dinner

M = Movie in the Park

N = visit a National Park, Museum or Forest

O = Overlook picnic

P = Parking under the stars

Q = Quiet Walk

R = Roller-blading

S = Skiing, Surfing or observe those who do

T = Theme park

U = take a walk Under an Umbrella in the rain

V = play your favorite Video game

W = Wine tasting

X = order an XL pizza and watch an Xtreme sports video

Y = go to Yard sales

Z = Zipline or visit local Zoo


Won’t you take a moment to fill out the following form? We’re wanting to gather a database of our reader’s wedding anniversaries. ❤ And we’d love to hear your thoughts about how The Romantic Vineyard is helping your marriage grow. What would you like to see us do differently? What do we do that you love? Your feedback will help us plan for the future. Thanks so much!

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  1. Great idea, Debi! (collecting anniversary dates) 🙂


  2. I filled out the form but forgot to put my beautiful wife’s name (Tiffani) in the box! But I think you know her anyway. 😉


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