It’s The Little Things

Photo by Sean McGrath

Photo by Sean McGrath

Romance. It means so many different things to different people. Some love to give and receive gifts. Some love to hear little words of affirmation. Still others enjoy surprising acts of kindness. Whatever your love language or your spouse’s–you should communicate regularly what they mean to you.

God created us special from the rest of creation.

We are the only ones who can talk and communicate with one another in a variety of ways. There are some who, because they’ve identified their love language, never express their love in other ways. I believe this can be a detriment. We must be willing to try new things, to say the same thing in different way, to be willing to step out of our comfort zone and stretch our communication muscles–so to speak. We’ll never know what we’re missing unless we try.

Imagine if for dinner all you ever prepared were the same things over and over because you know you like those recipes. Yet there is a plethora of great recipes you might never enjoy because it’s outside of your recipe box.

Wives, there are times when our husband is telling us how they feel about us or how they see us, and instead of receiving their kind words, we roll our eyes and tell them all the things we don’t like about ourself. Can I encourage you the next time he does this to resist this temptation? A simple “thank you,” will go a long way in helping you believe he means what he says.

Husbands, there are times when your wife goes out of her way to do something special for you too, but you hardly notice. Can I encourage you to not be so pre-occupied the next time she bakes your favorite cookie or takes the time to do something just for you?

These are all little things, but if we add them up they can become a big deal in growing our relationship.

The longer you’ve been married the easier it is to take for granted all these little things.

We found this video Andrew Allen did of a song by One Direction titled, Little Things. We absolutely love his voice, but even more the message this husband is sending his wife. Enjoy…

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