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It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Happy Hour feature, and today we have a great blog to share with you.

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Bonny Logsdon Burns mainly focuses on encouraging wives who have low libido and helping their marriage become healthier and happier. But today she featured a post about planning special getaway time with your spouse/family. She does an excellent job offering great ideas you may have never considered before.

She writes:

Travel may conjure up ideas of passports, airplanes and cruise ships.  But, it need not be so expensive or elaborate.
Travel can be a four day cruise to the Bahamas or a four hour journey to a location near to you.  Take advantage of your region’s personality.
In all the world, venus flytraps are only native to the 60 square miles that encircle Wilmington, NC.  We just discovered last month a tiny, lovely, free public ‘botanical garden’ featuring carnivorous plants only 2 miles from our house!  Mr. Muscle and I had an interesting hour making a new fun memory together.  Did I mention it was free and close?
I bet there is something similar to discover near your house!  Talk with your friends for ideas or google.
We enjoy coastal things now, but when we lived in the Midwest there were all sorts of festivals (corn, strawberries, corn, blueberries, and corn) and historical places.  If you’re ever on the backroads of TN and see a marker for ‘Ozone Springs’, take a few moments to investigate.  It is a 100 yard walk to an 1100 foot overhang where you can watch the creekwater fall into a ravine.  Very simple, free and fun.
Travel means you tap into your adventurous spirit and are curious. (continue reading)

What are your travel plans this summer? Have you ever played the tourist in your own backyard? What are some great places where you live that you think we’d like to know about? Please share them with us in the comment section. You never know when someone is going to be visiting your area. Your comment may help them make a lasting memory!

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