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This week’s Happy Hour special comes from a blog I just discovered. The writer, Lisa-Jo Baker, knows how to tell a story so well that you won’t want the post to end.

This particular one is the perfect follow-up to our post this past week on Honoring Your Spouse On Facebook.. Lisa-Jo not only honors her husband, but she perfectly demonstrates how a husband can care for his wife day-in and day-out and all through the night. We pray this post will challenge us all to love this way!


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“My love life will never be satisfactory until someone runs through an airport to stop me from getting on a flight.” ~Teenager post of the week via the Huffington Post.

He drove us all home 18 hours over two days.

Three kids and hundreds of miles and potty breaks and princess pull-ups, the car covered in the markers I’d bought for window art. Turns out the soft beige ceiling of a mini van makes a perfect canvas. Rainbow swirls color the door panels and there are goldfish crackers crushed so deep into the seats that they will likely be there come next summer and this same road trip all the way to Northern Michigan and the lake that his family have been coming to for decades.

He’s never run through an airport for me.

Three times he’s held my hands, my shaking legs, my head, my heart as I’ve bared down and groaned a baby into being. He has run for ice chips and doctors and night shifts and laid himself low to help me hold on through the hard rock and roll and push and pull of labor and I’ve never drowned holding onto his hand.

There is a rumor, an urban myth, a fiction, a fantasy, a black and white screen cliché that love looks like the mad, romantic dash through airports for a last chance at a flailing kiss.

And then the credits roll.

And the lights come on.

And we must go back to our real lives where we forget that love really lives.

– Finish reading at: http://lisajobaker.com/2013/07/when-you-think-your-love-story-is-boring/#sthash.V7V3tZ3h.dpuf

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