Looking…in All the Wrong Places

Today we want to share with you the following blog post from our dear friend, Sheree Phillips. Her post goes well with our recent post about getting upset with your spouse over things that don’t matter. Let us know what you think!

Faith Rising

As I’ve been talking about sadness this week, several people have contacted me saying the thing that most tempts them to be sad is trouble in their relationships:

  • Marital strife, disappointment or shame due to a spouse’s sin
  • Lonely years of unplanned singleness
  • Spiritually passive teens
  • Misunderstanding in a friendship; or no close friendships at all
  • Unresolved extended family tension or unmet expectations
  • In-law challenges
  • Hurtful words or actions from co-workers
  • Spiteful adult siblings

I agree with author Paul Tripp who calls relationships “a mess….”

In my life, the problem is when I think the solution is for someone else to change. Take this morning, for instance. Benny and I had a tif over a decision he made some months ago that has affected me in ways he didn’t anticipate. As the consequences of that decision have become clearer to us both, and especially to me, the temptation is to…

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