Kentucky Derby Date Night Idea

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Today marks the 140th “Run For The Roses” better known as the Kentucky Derby

The race begins at 3p. EST.

Here’s what you can do–and it’s not too late if you’re motivated!

  • Record the race to watch tonight after the kids are in bed.
  • Buy a centerpiece of roses – to commemorate the “Run for the Roses”.
  • Research Derby recipes.
  • Cook something special for dinner.
  • Serve Mint Juleps to toast the winner.
  • Choose your favorite horse to win.
  • Make your bets (determine what the winner gets).
  • See who cashes in.
  • End the night horsing around wearing nothing but a big hat! 🙂

Wish you had more time to plan this? Record the race and pick another night to do this that works for your schedule.

Enjoy this song by Dan Fogelberg to set the mood.

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