Ft. Bragg and Glass Rock Beach


Miniature Train Exhibit – they take their hobby quite seriously here. Amazing!


I couldn’t resist this shot–doesn’t it look like a male and female mop couple? Made me laugh.


We happened on Ft. Bragg’s Farmer’s Market held every Wed. from 3p – 6p. How we wish we could have taken lots of these home–photos will have to do.


At first I thought this little guy had impaled himself on the barbed wire, until he turned his head.


Looks like we’re not the only crazy ones to look for fragments of smooth glass on Glass Rock Beach.


Found this jelly-type fish called a Velella, which means By-The-Wind-Sailor, scattered all over the beach.


Searching for these glass rocks is addicting. Yeah, I pocketed quite a few. 🙂


Tom and Danny found other things to do while we dug in the sand.

IMG_2837 IMG_2839 IMG_2841 IMG_2842 IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2852

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