I Wish To Dedicate This Song To…(Our New Contest)


When I was growing up it was a big deal to call into the local radio station and dedicate a song to someone special. I would listen and be enthralled with the stories of love my pre-teen heart craved to experience. I think I even tried calling in a time or two, but never got through. I can only imagine what I would have said had I actually heard the words, “Hello, you’re on the air!”

Sleepless in Seattle is a story of romance that begins with a call to a national radio program, which provides the hook to this compelling love story between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan–two of my favorite actors.

There’s something about hearing a love song dedicated to someone specific that draws us into the story. We want to celebrate, laugh, cry or empathize with them.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out the following video by David Mercer, a radio host who is saying goodbye to his broadcast audience of 16 1/2 years. As his final song he shares a dedication his wife sent in to him for this “end of an era” in his life. She does a great job honoring him for a job well done.

If you had the opportunity to dedicate a song to your spouse, what would you say? What song would you choose?

This is the perfect segue to announce our 7th  Blogiversary Contest–

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Love Song Dedication To My Spouse Contest. 


  1. Write or video what you would want the radio host to read to your spouse on the air (max 200 words).
  2. Include the link to the love song and artist you would want to play following your dedication.
  3. Be as creative as you’d like–extra points for those who go above and beyond in entering this contest.
  4. E-mail your entry to us at theromanticvineyard(at)gmail(dot)com no later than October 31st.
  5. Entrants must be married or engaged and must include their name, city, number of years married or date of their wedding and their e-mail address. (e-mail will be kept confidential).
  6. When entering you authorize us to publish your name, number of years married and your dedication on The Romantic Vineyard’s website. (City and e-mail address will not be published.)
  7. 5 Finalist will be selected based on creativity, story shared and song selected. The finalists will be determined solely by our discretion and will be announced on November 7th where our readers will have a chance to vote for their favorite.
  8. The Grand Prize winner will be announced on our blogiversary–November 12th.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card or one to their favorite restaurant for a date night on us.

In closing we want to dedicate this song to you–our friends who have helped The Romantic Vineyard be what it is today. We thank God for you and for your desire to make your marriage the best it can be. Marriage is hard work, and those who persevere through the mine fields of miscommunication, conflict, past sins and abuses, discover how much sweeter it is on the other side of the trouble. After 36 years we testify that it’s worth every heartache and tear shed to still be dancing in the mine fields…

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