Happy Hour


The Generous Husband

  • Dame Before Game<<Paul addresses a very serious issue that seems like it’s only fun and games, but at what cost?
  • Are You Phubbing Your Wife?<<This question is addressed to the guys, but goes both ways. If you’re doing this you need to consider what you’re saying about what’s important to you.

The Generous Wife

  • Just My Type<<Ever taken a personality test? Lori provides the link to one and encourages us to both take it for some fresh perspective on what makes us tick.
  • Throwback Thursday<<This post deals in a practical way with the all-important task of cooking. If you dread this time of the day, please read it. You will be glad you did!

Happy Wives Club

Hot Holy and Humorous

  • What Are You Thinking During Sex?<<J answers this question very thoroughly. And if you’ve never considered asking your spouse this, it might open a whole new side of your spouse you’ve not yet tapped into. 🙂

One Flesh Marriage

Oyster Bed 7

  • Say The Magic Word<<Bonnie gives a helpful tip on how to communicate to your spouse what you enjoy while making love.

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