Vintage Post – A Sponge Or A Spring?

originally posted on October 13, 2009

originally posted on October 13, 2009

rock springs

All married couples desire to have it.  What is it?  Romance.  However, romance in itself is not the answer.  If it were then all we would need is Hollywood.  Romance is the outflow of all the right stuff in our marriage; it isn’t the foundation.  The foundation that will lead us into a more intimate and romantic relationship is the Gospel.  It is here where we learn what true love is.

From the Gospel, husbands learn to lay their lives down for their wives, giving of themselves 100%.  Wives learn to respect and follow their husbands 100%, not because they’re perfect, but because the God who leads him is!

In the book, Counsel From The Cross, Elyse Fitzpatrick says:

When spouses begin to grasp the depth of God’s love for them in Christ, the need for romance, respect, and attention will rapidly diminish.  Rather than seeing themselves as needy sponges, trying to soak up every drop of earthly, human love, they will see themselves as wells supplied by a divine Spring, overflowing with living water that is meant to satisfy, cheer, and serve those around them.  They can delight themselves in the streams of water and the true bread that their Savior feeds them.

So, are you a sponge or a well?  It is of utmost importance that you determine the answer to this question based on how you relate to your spouse.  If you are a sponge – you will never be satisfied.  If you are supplied with the Spring of Living Water, you will never be dry.

Our vineyard provides lots of nourishment for relationships irrigated with Living Water.   Enjoy our ideas like a drink of cool water, but soak in the goodness of the Gospel – for here is where true growth in marriage takes place.

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