Vintage Post – Saying It

originally posted October 2009

originally posted October 2009

Tom surprised me and bought tickets to see Chaim Topol’s fairwell tour of Fiddler On The Roof – one of my all-time favorite musicals.  When the house lights dimmed, the stage came to life with this timeless story of the changing seasons we all must face.  Tevye struggled letting go of his daughters to suitors he felt were below his standards dictated by tradition.  His love was obviously deep for each of his little girls, but it was the scene with his wife, Golde, that brought me to tears.

It was towards the end of the play when both Tevye and Golde were sitting side-by-side outside their humble home reflecting on the life they’d shared for 25 years.  Times are changing, and they both realize there is nothing they can do about it.  Tevye wonders if after all these years Golde loves him.

Tom and I were deeply affected by this intimate scene.  The question was asked, “Do you love me?”

This is why we blog, hoping it will help many couples purpose to say these three words often both in word and deed. We all need to be reminded of the love we share with our spouse.  So go ahead – watch the video below and then, purpose today to SAY IT, because it really is “nice to know!”

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