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I am a Florida native and have grown up with the Space Program in my backyard. I have many precious memories watching rockets, space shuttles and satellites being launched into orbit. As an added bonus, we have a great view from our backyard of night launches which are spectacular, if you ever get the chance to see one.

Now that the Space Shuttle program has ended (I still am sad about that), we have taken to looking skyward for something anyone can see when it happens to be crossing over your region of the country.

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It’s the International Space Station. Did you know that Nasa sends out alerts to those who wish to see the Space Station when it’s passing overhead? Tom and I have been doing this for a while now, and we rarely miss an opportunity to look skyward on those nights or early mornings.

The space station has no light of its own, so it can only be seen when the rising or setting sun is reflecting on it’s surface.

This week’s Date Night Prompt is to…

Try it for yourself. Sign up to receive the alerts as to when you can spot the station. Then plan a date around the experience. The station is only visible for 4-6 minutes, but you could also watch Apollo 13 or Gravity afterwards. It’s sure to be a time worth looking together skyward.

Happy Dating!

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  1. J. Parker says:

    It’s weird: I have friends who’ve worked on the International Space Station…and not once have I tried to watch it going overhead. Thanks for the reminder that we can do this!

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