Vintage Post – Rainy Date Ideas

11 Rainy Date Ideas

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Since we are having so much rain on the east coast this summer, I figured it’s a good time to inspire some creative date nights. The following was originally posted on May 28, 2009.

The rainy season is upon us, and this can put a real damper on a planned date (pun intended).  So, why not plan a date with the rain in mind?  Here are some great ideas to do when it’s raining!

  1. Using a large umbrella, go for a walk around a local park or lake in the rain.  Feeling adventurous?  Forget the umbrella!
  2. Ten Dollar Mall Challenge – Take the money you would have spent going to dinner or a movie and divide it equally between yourselves.  Go to the nearest mall and split up purposing to find the best deal with your ten dollar bill.  As an added challenge – the purchase has to be something your spouse would enjoy.  Plan to meet at a certain mall location for ice cream to reveal your purchase.  For extra fun, decide ahead of time what the winner will receive!
  3. Go to the library or bookstore and look for books on topics you both enjoy.  If you like to travel, spend the time looking at places you’d love to visit.
  4. Go bowling.  This is a great way to have fun, but still have time to talk.  Plus you can’t beat bowling alley hamburgers and fries – simply the best!
  5. Go to a local pool hall.  This is a great sport that anyone can play – and it’s fun to flirt with your spouse around the dimly lit table.
  6. Personal photo shoot – put the kids to bed early and have fun taking pictures of each other in different outfits and poses; the sillier the clothes the better.  Once finished take time to edit your pictures and make a personal album that’s sure to make you smile on rainy days.
  7. Take your favorite board game, cards or a puzzle to either a coffee shop or bookstore, and spend the evening together.  Sit close to a window so you can enjoy the rain from your cozy seat inside.
  8. Take a drive to the beach or lake and enjoy watching the rain from your car.  Put on some romantic music and pack some favorite snacks.  You can even purpose to listen to a specific artist, or make your own CD of songs about rain!
  9. Read a book to each other by candle light.  This is especially romantic if it’s lightning outside.
  10. Play Flashlight tag.  This one is simple and is played at home.  Turn off all the lights and search for each other using only a flashlight.  You can make up your own rules as well as who wins what when found.
  11. Watch a classic movie like “Singing In The Rain”.

What are your rainy date ideas?  We would love to add yours to the list – simply scroll down to leave your comments!  

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3 Responses to Vintage Post – Rainy Date Ideas

  1. The rains that wash the winter sky,
    summer t-storms as they grow;
    we used to watch them, you and I
    in the land of long ago.
    But dying is a taskmaster
    from whom there’s no relief;
    time goes by, too fast and faster,
    and life is all too brief.
    There is no room for idle hours
    between these walls of pain,
    and here’s hoping nothing sours
    the memories that remain.
    So many earthly joys are through,
    but I’m glad that I shared these with you.

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  2. Or if it’s raining, just stay snuggled up!


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