Try Something New For A Change

Photo from Ollie Gabriel’s music video, Something New

It’s been two weeks since my last post, and I’m still struggling to get well. Since I don’t want to leave you hanging, I figured a quick update would be good.

Being home for what seems like forever, I have been binge watching lots of shows on TV. My new favorite is Songland on NBC.  The premise of the show is for four song writers to pitch their original song to a panel of three producers and one famous artist. After hearing all the songs in their rough cut form, the artist chooses their three favorites to go forward by working with one of the producers. The producer’s job is then to help the song writer make it the best fit for the artist.

Finally, the finished songs are performed once again in front of the artist who chooses the one they want to record. The best part in my opinion is that the song is available  immediately at the end of the show for purchase or to stream on Spotify.

The only drawback is when the song you love isn’t chosen. This happened to me last week; John Legend didn’t pick my favorite by Ollie Gabriel titled, Something New. You can imagine how thrilled I was to see it had been released by Ollie himself on You Tube.

Ollie shared that the inspiration for the song was his grandparents lifelong love and commitment to each other. He said his generation had forgotten how beautiful it is when a couple chooses to stay together for a lifetime. He encourages his listeners:

“Try, try, try something new for a change.

Try, try, try, bring back that old thing again, something new.

Bring back that old kind of lovin’, the kind that don’t leave, that don’t bend, that don’t break.”


Life passes too fast. We must purpose to make the most of every chance we have to slow down and embrace the moment. Why not pause and invite your spouse to slow dance with you. See if this song doesn’t follow you as it has me for the last week.


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