Patiently Waiting And Watching

Spring is a time for pruning allowing new growth to come.

Photo by Marina Mazur on Unsplash

Spring. It’s the time when I brave my rose hedge (thorns) to prune it to half it’s size. It is always difficult to start because they look healthy, but they’re not. They need to be cut back to grow healthier shoots. I’m always amazed at how well they do after the cuts.

Pruning is necessary for new growth

We bought another plant a couple of years ago–a crepe myrtle. It also requires pruning. But I am not as familiar with this bush as I am my roses. So my cuts were a bit more trepid. I’ve seen others do it, but this didn’t help me make confident cuts.

I waited weeks for those first signs of new growth. Nothing. Did I kill it? Were my cuts harmful rather than helpful? I was sad to think I had killed it. Still I waited. Tom checked almost daily.

Finally, we were rewarded with that for which we’d hoped…new growth. Our little bush had survived it’s first hard pruning and I am relieved and thrilled!

Like my crepe myrtle we are all facing a hard pruning of sorts. And this is a first for many of us. We are wondering if we’ll make it. Will new growth appear? Will our favorite restaurants survive? Will the economy recover? Will my job still be there when the dust has settled?

My parents endured the Great Depression and WWII. They came to be known as The Greatest Generation, and I would agree. Everyone I know whose parents were of similar age as mine, said their parents didn’t talk about it. It was something they lived through and endured, but once it was over, it was over. Their willingness to submit to the pruning, and the new growth that came as a result of their sacrifice was worth it. We have lived on that new growth our entire lives. Now it is our turn to be pruned.

What will be said of us? Did we rise to the occasion and do the right thing? The brave thing? I pray it will be so. God in His wisdom is doing what only He can do. And because He is God, we can trust Him in the process.

I have found a refuge each evening at sunset. I go to our backyard and look to the sky. I watch as the stars come out one-by-one–the very ones that God created and knows by name. I give my burdens of the day to God and ask Him for help and wisdom. I pray for all my family who seem farther away than ever. I acknowledge my lack and His sufficiency. I worship Him for who He is and for the promises He’s given us. And I give Him thanks!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7 ESV

And you know what I’ve discovered? God’s peace has wrapped itself around me. I feel this hedge of protection allowing me to rest when all the world is in turmoil. It is a peace that is without understanding. But God.

We have been pruned. Now we must patiently wait and watch for the new growth. It will surely come.



About Debi Walter

Tom and Debi have been sharing encouragements through their blogs for many years. Marriage, Reading God's Word and documenting family history is our focus. Growing in our relationship with the Lord is primary in all we say, write or do. We are grateful for all who desire to join us in the same endeavors.
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10 Responses to Patiently Waiting And Watching

  1. It’s mornings for me. I sit on my pool deck and listen to the birds and watch as they flit in and out. I am enjoying wonderful quiet times that carry me through the day.

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  2. Debi Walter says:

    I have my regular quiet time in the mornings too. But I’ve found with all the changing news of the day, I need the extra time in the evening as well.
    The birds do cheer you up though, don’t they? Not a care do they have!


  3. Lori says:

    Tom and Debi, this is so sweet. Thank you so much for the encouragement during this difficult season.


    • Debi Walter says:

      We certainly need it. The Lord prompted this post on my heart as I was giving Him my burdens for the day. I love how He cares for each of us in such specific ways. Y’all stay safe up there.


  4. Laurie Walter says:

    Debi, Thank you so much for listening to our Lord and sharing with the rest of us. You’re words were very encouraging and confirms what I’ve been thinking this past week. Pruning and new growth…… God does have a handle on all this craziness. We just need to remember to “Be Still and Know I am God….. You’re in our prayers.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Laurie, Thank you! It’s something that God used to encourage me greatly. I’m glad that it’s encouraging you too. Love you—stay safe and trust God. ❤️


  5. Andrew Budek says:

    One last try (after 4 previous)…I think WordPress really hates me.

    This was not anticipated;
    it’s hard to see the way ahead,
    but seeing’s got me motivated
    as I’d as soon not be dead.
    This is not a time to lock the doors,
    turn our back upon our friends,
    sharpen knives and pikes and swords
    to fight a bitter lonely end.
    We have to reach out as we can,
    give from plenty for another’s need,
    plan compassion, work the plan
    and only thus will healing feed
    and grow within us fulsome hearts
    that will refuse to stay apart.

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  6. cindyschulman says:

    Thank you for this!! I need to remember purpose, rather than just survival; future glory, not just random aftermath. I want to grow in my vision from Holy Spirit …. to see what God is doing – to know that He is working … on me, in me … around me and throughout the world. What should have been my hope and stay (all along) is becoming so again. There will be fruit …. I will wait and watch for it!!


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