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Beauty To Behold

It’s the time of year in Florida where we have to prune, trim and weed our yard. Spring comes before the calendar says it’s so, and Saturday was the right time for us to get to work. We enjoy yard … Continue reading

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Keeping This One Thing Will Strengthen Your Marriage

Conscience. It’s how God helps us grow in our relationship with Him and with others. Children usually have very tender conscience, and will quickly confess when their conscience is telling them they have done something wrong. Our conscience is for … Continue reading

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From Darkness To Light – Take Our Marriage Poll

Light. It has a way of providing direction when we need it most. Have you ever experienced total darkness? The kind where you can’t see your hand in front of your face? I have and it can be paralyzing. We … Continue reading

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My Marriage Is Mediocre—Now What?

In our last post we shared 11 possible indicators your marriage might be mediocre. Today we want to offer some practical tips to help get you out of this trap. As a reminder here is our list: Your life revolves … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

It’s our favorite part of the week when we share with you the blog posts of others worth sharing. Take some time this weekend to read them. Your marriage will thank you. Gospel Connections 3 Little Foxes – A dear … Continue reading

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Happy Is As Happy Does

Are you happy in your marriage? I’m not talking about being free from trouble or having an absence of problems, that hardly ever happens in any relationship. I’m talking about being happy IN your marriage. Happy is defined as feeling … Continue reading

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