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A Varietal of Sorts

In wine-making a varietal wine is so named when the main grape consists of at least 75% of the wine.  The other 25% can be from another type of grape. Our post today is a varietal of sorts.  Lisa Graf, … Continue reading

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The Jacket Fit Perfectly, Like A Hug

Today we share with you a story from a very special friend – Jodie Gill.  She has been used of God to encourage me so many times.  She tends to find herself in places which surprise even her; places where … Continue reading

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Celebrate Each Day

Today we want to share with you a post we think will help us as married couples, make the most of each day in 2011.  Please take time to read it all the way through.  Lori Lowe , who hosts … Continue reading

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A Date With Eternity

Today would normally be our guest post by Vicki Taulbee.  She has been sharing with us all year her monthly “Passport” Date with her husband, Jeff.   But this month her date was interrupted by a Date with Eternity: Well, … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday: Sparkle for Your Man

This post is for the Wives Only – so we’d appreciate it if the guys would let us have this post to ourselves! Feel free to take some time to visit the Husbands Only Room.  Merci beau coupe! Ladies, as … Continue reading

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