The Letter “H”


This week we’re highlighting the letter “H” for our Alphabet Date night ideas.  We hope you’re enjoying the variety and selections so far.  I must admit, we’ve enjoyed doing the research.  Who knew there were so many great things to do on a date night?

“H” Activities:

Holy Land Experience – we have never been, but it seems like a fun date to try.

“Half-sies” – Enjoy an evening of “halves”.  Eat somewhere for 1/2 off, or cook at home with half servings like half a calzone or pizza.  Eat on paper plates that have been cut in half, if you’re home alone – try coming half-dressed to dinner!  Serve drinks half full (or half empty if you’re a pessimist).  That should get you started – anything that can be halved will work!

Historical Museum – check out you’re local historical museum.  They’ll often have special evening events.  Orlando has a wonderful museum – click here to learn more; be sure to check out their events calendar for some great date night ideas.

Hockey – If it’s in season, this is an action-packed evening.

Hiking – make plans to explore one of the many trails available in your area.  Be sure to pack a great picnic – see Food section for ideas.

Hitchcock movies – the master of suspense films, Alfred Hitchcock is sure to provide great opportunities to cuddle close on the couch!

Hontoon Island State Park – this is for Orlando readers.  This park offers pontoon boat rentals for the day.  They also have cottages for rent that are being offered at buy one night get one free.

Honeymoon – take that 2nd honeymoon or relive your first one.

Horse-back riding – for our Orlando readers, click the link.  For all others simply google horse back riding in your area.

“H” Food:

Hawaiian Themed dinner – at home or go to a luau.  If at home, rent a video exploring the islands of Hawaii to watch.

Planet Hollywood


Hungry Howie’s – perfect for the half-sie pizzas.

Hershey’s candy

Honey-baked Ham Store – they sell boxed lunches to go – perfect for an afternoon hiking the trail.

“H” Special Touches:

Hallmark cards – send your spouse a special Hallmark card announcing your “H” date.

Hold hands – check out our post about this romantic practice

Honor your spouse –  write a letter pointing out specifically what you respect about them.

“H” flowers – hibiscus, honeysuckle, heather.

Help with the Housework when it’s not expected.

About Debi Walter

Face it, marriage is hard work. But when cultivated daily the fruit produced will satisfy for a lifetime. We're here to help with ideas and encouragement along the way. Having been married 40 years and counting, we share what we've learned with practical tips, Biblical Truths, Date night ideas to help you plow your own vineyard for God's glory.
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3 Responses to The Letter “H”

  1. Regina says:

    im really enjoying your alphabet dates!

    my husband and i started project 52 this year. 4 dates already down 🙂 im very proactive and already have dates planned for the year, but im really looking forward to doing it next year!!!


  2. Barbara says:

    So we got to H in August and I was at a loss. Our date night needed to be at-home, budget friendly and work around my husband’s coaching schedule. I like to start with the menu and there really aren’t too many dishes that appealed…haggis anyone?? Finally I decided on Hot Dogs West VA style. As a CA girl I didn’t know that people in WV made a mouth wateringly tasty sloppy joe type sauce to top their hot dogs. Other “H” elements were: We had the date at HOME We had True Grit fresh from NetFlix. My HUSBAND was anxious to see it and I figured that the HORSES and gulp…HANGINGS… in it qualified it for H night. So that is what we did. It was simple, man centered and while not overly romantic it gave us a shared experience and cuddle time on the couch.

    Ladies I learned a lesson. I get pretty elaborate sometimes with date planning. I think that we girls tend to think of “Date Night” as hearts and flowers but it is important to remember that 1) you don’t have to knock yourself out to deliver something that pleases your man and 2) That if your H is like mine, a relaxing evening at home where he gets to puts his feet on the coffee table, eat “regular” food and watch a movie he has been looking forward to is just the ticket to connection and intimacy.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Barbara, you’re exactly right! I think wives tend to think date nights have to be much bigger than necessary. You’ve discovered the heart of a great date and that is connecting together on all levels! Great job and thank you for taking the time to share it with us. I’m sure it will encourage many wives who want to bless their husbands, but aren’t sure how!


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