Project 52: Cool Picnic

This week was Tom’s turn to plan our date.  I was so excited as I left the house for a hair appointment due to his hints at our special evening.  How fun to be away for the afternoon anticipating our time – time that he was planning for US.

On my way home there was a little disappointment.  Tom called to say his afternoon didn’t quite go as planned…we were still  going to have our special date, but he had had two lengthy interruptions.  I told him it was fine – just being together was what was most important to me.

First, you have to know the weather here was absolutely beautiful Saturday!  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temps were in the low 60’s.  As I arrived home, Tom led me to the back porch where he had spent time cleaning it completely!  The smell of bleach was invigorating – knowing what I was seeing was as clean as it looked!  Next, he had me sit by the pool with my favorite drink and appetizers – cheese, crackers and stuffed olives!

The evening continued this way through our entire dinner – it was our first picnic of 2010!  The food, although store bought, was from our favorite specialty grocery store – The Fresh Market.  We had sushi and steaming hot tomato bisque soup.  We spent our time listening to the birds, talking about our day and enjoying the time together outside in the fresh air.  Our cat, Wizzer, enjoyed it too!  I think he was hoping for some sushi, but there are limits!!

Next he told me we had to leave in a few minutes.  He had made plans for us to go to the movies!  I love the movies so this was a real treat for me; Tom’s not big on movies.  Oh, it’s not because he doesn’t like them, but because there are so few worth seeing.  Actually, I agree with him on this point.  We normally wait until they hit Netflix and if others have recommended a particular one, then we’ll make the time to watch it together.

This time we were going to see Blind Side – the true story of a family who takes into their home a very poor boy in need of love and support.  It was one movie worth seeing!  I was riveted with the story, the compassion, the love between the husband and wife, and most of all – the way they embraced someone who was completely unlike them welcoming him into their home and hearts.  Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for Best Actress in her role on Sunday night.  It is in my opinion her best performance – ever!

After the movie – we came home to dessert – Chocolate Cheesecake for me and Tiramisu for Tom.  It was a perfectly planned evening where I felt like the Queen of Hearts – Tom’s heart that is!  From the day we started dating I have always felt first in his heart (after the Lord, of course!), and this date confirmed the fact that I still am!  Amazing!

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Tom and Debi have been sharing encouragements through their blogs for many years. Marriage, Reading God's Word and documenting family history is our focus. Growing in our relationship with the Lord is primary in all we say, write or do. We are grateful for all who desire to join us in the same endeavors.
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4 Responses to Project 52: Cool Picnic

  1. tiffany says:

    wow. what an amazing date. and the food… i’m drooling. we’ve been wanting to watch the blind side for a long time. everyone has been raving about it. thanks for sharing your date. glad you could enjoy the nice weather. send it this way. we’re supposed to be rained out here. 🙂
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}


  2. Brandy says:

    Sounds like a wonderful date. So nice that your husband cleaned and prepared the back porch for your date.
    By the way what a wonderful site that provides so many ideas and resources for dating. I love that you do it to glorify God in all things!!


    • debiwalter says:

      Thanks, Brandy! We’re glad you are finding The Romantic Vineyard helpful. That is an answer to our prayers. Enjoy looking around – take care!


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