Cinco Es Romantico

Here’s our GYRO Date night idea reposted from May, 5, 2010.  We’re a couple days late – sorry. Hopefully you can still make time to celebrate this Mexican National holiday! Ole!

Since today is Cinco de Mayo – the Mexican celebration of the fifth of May and the day Puebla was liberated from the French in 1862 – we thought it would be fun to celebrate the number five (cinco) and how it can lead to great romance (romantico) in our marriages.  Here is a list of several fives worth discovering – proof that cinco es romantico:

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Five Senses:  Spend one evening celebrating the senses of your relationship:

  1. Seeing – Look at pictures from when you first fell in love.  Look at current pictures and marvel at how you’ve changed, grown and fallen more in love than you imagined possible.
  2. Hearing – Listen to your favorite romantic song together while looking in each others eyes.  Let the words of the song communicate your heart and love.
  3. Smelling – Light an aromatic candle with a hot bubble bath together.
  4. Tasting – Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac.  How about some delicious fondue.  No fondue forks?  No problem…feed your spouse with your fingers.
  5. Touching – Back massage, foot and leg massage – you name the body part – the touching is the best sense when it comes to being romantico!

Five Vowels – yes, there are exactly five vowels…who knew these simple letters could be so romantico!  Follow the links below for an entire list of ideas revolving around that letter:

  1. The Letter “A”
  2. The Letter “E”
  3. The Letter “I”
  4. The Letter “O”
  5. The Letter “U”

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Five Romance Languages are listed below – plan an evening celebrating one of them – or plan five evenings celebrating them all!  We have a lifetime, right?

  1. Portuguese
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. Romanian

Five specific things you love most about your spouse: take some time and write out your top five and then, read them aloud to him/her.  There is something about hearing this list read by you, rather than giving it to them to read themselves that is very “romantico”.  Try it and see for yourself…

  1. to be filled in by you…

Cinco de Mayo feliz!

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