Project 52: The Taulbees visit Greece

This month I decided to take my husband to Greece for our date night.  Earlier in the month, I had spotted the cutest little Greek restaurant near downtown and noticed a fairly decent crowd enjoying the place each time I had the occasion to pass.  This was a good sign to me so….Greece here we come!

I decided that dinner and a walk around the lake was the plan!  However, I also had a desire to do something a little extra special for our evening, but I couldn’t come up with an idea that seemed to fit;  A Greek trivia game during dinner?  No.   Try to incorporate an Olympic theme?  I don’t think so.  Maybe learn some Greek phrases? Not this time.

Then, the day before our date I had an idea; Make a T-shirt for Jeff to wear that says, “I love my wife” in Greek.  Then, I can make one for myself that says, “I love my husband”.  It sounded easy enough because I’ve seen special iron-on paper that enables you to print your desired wording or picture from your computer and iron it on to a T-shirt.  So, with the help of an on-line translator, I was ready to go.    Sure!  This seems simple enough.

Well………….the only thing SIMPLE about this project was the IDEA!!  Upon further examination of the paper, I discovered that printing required an ink-jet printer.  Well, in this age of laser printers, ink-jets can be a bit difficult to find.  Not one copy center in town had one.  So, after several calls to friends, I was able to track one down!  Okay, problem solved.  I’ll just email it to her, she’ll print it out and I’ll make the shirts in the morning!

Well, the morning presented some more challenges!  After printing we realized that he text had to be reversed so that when it’s ironed on to the shirt, it can be read correctly.  Oh my goodness!  I was ready to give up on the idea and just write the message in a note to Jeff that evening!  But……thankfully I have a very tenacious friend who was not so willing to give up easily!  So after SEVERAL frustrating and unsuccessful attempts to figure out how to reverse the text my friends “graphic designer” sister came to our rescue.  With an effortless click of her finger, she was able to do what we needed on her computer and send it to us.  WOW!  I think I was making T-shirts an hour before we left for our date.  It was an exhausting and hilarious day!

To reveal our destination for the evening I set out some hummus, flat bread and olives while a slide show of pictures from Greece played on the computer.  We changed into our T-shirts, and when the babysitter arrived we left for the restaurant.

The restaurant was great!  A real authentic Greek restaurant with wonderful decor and friendly service.  I think the payoff came when our waiter, who was from Greece, confirmed that the wording on our t-shirts was indeed accurate!!  Yes!!

We had a wonderful meal and felt like kids in our matching shirts!  It was fun telling Jeff all about the t-shirt saga of the last day and a half.  I really had to laugh thinking of the “comedy of errors” that took place, and I was grateful that my friend who was helping me was such a good sport about the whole thing!

After dinner we had the most relaxing evening walking around the lake and enjoying a beautiful summer sunset!  What a gift!

Wow!  We’re half way though our world travels!  I cant believe how quickly time seems to pass.  It really causes me to be thankful for the time and effort it often takes to make time with my husband.  It helps to get that “breath of fresh air” in our busy schedules and take time to enjoy the gift he is to me.  Something that can so easily be taken for granted or forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life and all its demands.

Until next month……………..


Project 52 was started by Tiffany Bird at Simply Modern Moms.  They are celebrating their 1st anniversary and are giving away lots of gifts to celebrate.  If you click HERE it will take you to their page for all the details to sign up for a chance to win.  If you click the button below it will take you to all the information needed to join Project 52, and begin romancing your spouse – one date at a time!

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2 Responses to Project 52: The Taulbees visit Greece

  1. Glenyce says:

    What a funny lot of things to go through just for a couple of t-shirts! They turned out great though. We don’t get to go out for dates but I think trying some Greek food would be fun.


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