Freebie Friday : A Challenge That Will Make You…


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That’s right!  How would you like to take us up on a challenge to look at the lighter side of life – to actually (LOL) laugh out loud, when you would normally react in anger?

It’s a simple challenge – really – yet most will find it appropriately called “a challenge”;  We take life far too seriously, which leads to a wealth of trouble.  Laughter is like medicine to the soul, so let’s take Scripture at its word and see if it isn’t so in our own marriage.

Here’s the plan:

  • Read this excellent article by Ed Welch titled, Reasons To Laugh Each Day.
  • Read this article with the 5 reasons as to why you should make your spouse laugh.
  • Comment to this post saying you’re taking us up on the challenge.
  • Beginning Monday, August 23rd we’ll start the two week challenge.
  • Commit to laughing (not chuckling, but belly laughing) five days out of seven, or ten out of the fourteen days.
  • On Monday, Labor Day, we’ll send out a request for testimonies as to how laughter has impacted your life.

Let’s pray that God will use this challenge to help us become less angry and more loving in our response to our spouse.  Are you willing to give this a try?  We think it will be fun and a great way to start a new school year!  Besides, who doesn’t love to laugh?

When was the last time you and your spouse had a good, long laugh together?

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7 Responses to Freebie Friday : A Challenge That Will Make You…

  1. Dena says:

    Love it! So true! We had a little quiz between ourselves one day where we had a list of things (dates, sex, laughing, talking, doing things together, etc.) and we each put them in order of importance so we could see how we differ… I found that laughing together was my number 1! Even now I find myself trying to make it a goal to keep him on his toes by some bizarre joke or comment to keep him laughing… that he’ll never know what is going to come out of my mouth next. That God gave me a husband who gets my weird humor and laughs with me and makes me laugh is such a blessing and I’m so thankful for all of our odd little inside jokes and looks to each other that keep us in stitches! Thank you for the excellent reminder to not take ourselves too seriously!


    • Debi Walter says:

      Love it! You are the King and Queen of practical jokes! In fact, Benny shared this morning in his message about the time he found a toilet in his foyer when they came home from vacation. It was hilarious and the “two week war” that ensued as a result. We miss you guys!!!


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  3. Tommygirl says:

    I love this. My husband has always made me laugh but I know there are times I have taken things personally where I should have laughed. I am taking up the challenge and will love it. As a teacher starting back to to school on Monday I have been looking for ways to keep the emotional intimacy that summer time freedom has given me going. This is a great starter!


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