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It’s December – Enjoy

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The Joy Of Writer’s Block

  Writer’s Block is a frustrating place to be. And I don’t like it one bit! You do, like the meme suggests, feel like a failure. But there is another Writer’s Block that I actually look forward to having in my … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to highlight some of my favorite posts for the week, and this week is no exception. But I have a friend who is just starting her blog (first post today) and I … Continue reading

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Laughing Place Challenge

One of my favorite Disney movies is Song Of The South about the tales of Uncle Remus and his crafty friend, Brer Rabbit. He is always outsmarting Brer Fox and Brer Bear, and I love the scene when Brer Fox had … Continue reading

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Are You Free To Do This In Your Home?

  It is greatly needed in every home, yet oftentimes life gets so serious that months can go by and we haven’t even thought about it much less found a reason to do it. But we encourage you to find venues … Continue reading

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What Paper, A Groundhog And The Super Bowl Have In Common…

They’re all three alive and well! No matter how much you enjoy your electronics, there is some paper that will never die. 🙂 We found a video that is hilarious, and probably the reality of many couples who live with a … Continue reading

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Create Hump Day Traditions

Haha! I absolutely love most of Geico’s commercials. Their writing team thinks out of the box and always makes me laugh. One of my favorites is the little pig squealing, “Wee, wee, wee,” all the way home. But their newest … Continue reading

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Celebrate National Lasagna Day

If you’re Italian you don’t need a day like this on the calendar. But if you aren’t–this is the perfect time to celebrate a classic dish. Today is  …and several restaurants in the Orlando area are offering the dish at … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Laugh

We happened upon a Comedy Show broadcast on TV that was held at a church in L.A. titled Thou Shalt Laugh. It started out somewhat funny. We chuckled, and laughed out loud here and there, that is until we got … Continue reading

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The Bachelor…Husband?

Today we’re thrilled to step aside as our son, Jason, shares what’s on his heart concerning marriage. We think you’ll enjoy his writing style as he is quite funny. There is no greater joy than realizing your children have caught … Continue reading

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I Was Just Kidding

This is a phrase used often.  It is said when the person really is just kidding. Laughter erupts with everyone in the room. However, there are times when this phrase is said and one person is the brunt of the … Continue reading

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The Day My Mixer Died

Before you read our post about the above picture, you have to hear the background. I was feeling pretty sad about my mixer since I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. I needed to write a post, … Continue reading

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“Go Fish” Fryday

I was in a meeting this week with some other wives, and this idea came to us through laughter and tears, the good kind of tears from laughing too hard. One friend had her toddler in her arms eating a … Continue reading

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7 Days And Counting…

If you missed yesterday’s Happy Hour post, please go back and read it. We are counting down until our 3rd Anniversary on November 12th because we have a big surprise we’ll reveal on that day. So watch this video dedicated … Continue reading

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Gray Hair and Laughter

  Our daughter sent us this video of an older couple trying to figure out the camera feature on their new computer.  This is funny, but what we love is how they obviously adore each other even when they’re having … Continue reading

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A Fragrant Aroma – A Special Gift

I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t appreciate a special gift.  Even more so when it is given for no particular reason.  I had this happen to me, and I can’t wait to share it with you. First of all, you … Continue reading

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A Bon Voyage Party

Today we want to throw a Bon Voyage party in our Vineyard!  We are rejoicing with a friend who has begun TODAY to do something God has wanted her to do.  We’ve all been there – hearing God speak, even … Continue reading

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So Did You Lighten Up?

It’s Labor Day weekend, and I have vertigo!  <sigh>  I’m sure there’s something funny to be said about it, but all I’m thinking of is the 60’s song by Tommy Roe titled, I’m So Dizzy. So, how did you do … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendar + Lighten Up Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re about to engage in a race together around a very familiar track – LIFE.  We take a lap a day, and it can become quite predictable for all of us.  We have decided to add to … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday : A Challenge That Will Make You…

…LAUGH! That’s right!  How would you like to take us up on a challenge to look at the lighter side of life – to actually (LOL) laugh out loud, when you would normally react in anger? It’s a simple challenge … Continue reading

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