Project 52: The Taulbees Visit Brazil (Texas Style)

After our “trip to Ireland” in September, my sweet husband informed me that HE would be choosing and planning our “travels” for this month.  He especially wanted to do this since it was our anniversary.  So I gladly accepted, and he did a great job!

While I had been busy at home making dinner and  getting the kids ready for their evening with the sitter, Jeff had been busy preparing for our evening on the town.  He had arranged with some dear friends to swap vehicles so that we could drive around in their Mazda Convertible.  How fun!!  You can imagine my surprise when I saw the cute little red sports car in the driveway, and Jeff informed me that was our “ride” for the night.

He then had some music playing in our living room that was to give a hint of the “destination”.  I guess I’m a little slow and didn’t get it right away…sorry honey!!!   So he informed me that we were headed to………Brazil!    That could only mean one restaurant…………Texas de Brazil!  I was so excited!  This is a restaurant that I had really wanted to try.  So many folks that we know highly recommend it.

Jeff and Vicki Taulbee

So, off we went……. top down, a beautiful sunset and time with my dearest love!

We ate VERY well and enjoyed the setting and the service.  After dinner we drove……..and drove………and drove!  It was sooo very nice and relaxing to sit back and enjoy the night air and talk.  It reminded us of our honeymoon in California when we rented a convertible for two weeks.  What a blessing!  It was really a wonderful time!  Thank you so much dear!

Even our boys got to enjoy the car.  Before returning it the next day, Dad gave each of them a spin around the block!

Until next month!


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3 Responses to Project 52: The Taulbees Visit Brazil (Texas Style)

  1. Fun date. Love the car too.


  2. Annie says:

    I love the idea of a “traveling” date night! Traveling is probably the thing my husband and I enjoy most together (well almost) 🙂 Anyway, I asked him a few months ago if we could pick a theme for date night and he said Italian. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant nor what to do with that. You have given me a great idea, thank you!


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