Project 52: The Taulbee’s Visit Ireland

Ahhh……the beautiful Emerald Isle!
That’s right, our travels took us to Ireland this month.

To introduce the travel theme for the evening I covered our dining table with a white tablecloth and scattered some large green paper shamrocks all around.  In the middle of the table was a construction paper rainbow with a little “pot” attached to one end.  The pot was filled with my husbands favorite candy…………dark chocolate………and a couple of chocolate gold coins that I purchased at a party store(see attached).

Earlier that day I made some super easy beer bread and set that on the table with a stick of garlic-herb Irish butter that I found at the grocery store.

I wanted to keep our evening simple, so I thought we would go enjoy some dinner at a local Irish pub called Paddy Murphy’s, then come home early and watch a movie.  After some research on the computer I found a list of Irish “must-see” movies.  Fortunately, I was able to check two of them out at the library.

So, I came home and added the movies to our table.

But… Irish theme is complete without a limerick!  So, I made up a quick one and put that on the table as well. 🙂

O’Taulbee Limerick

I know a sweet man with some
Who’s hugs always brighten my day
He’s tender and kind
And always has me in mind.
My true love he will always stay.

After the kiddies were settled in with the sitter, and I put on the greenest shirt that I owned,  we headed to the pub!  The hostess sat us outside on the patio where the weather and the view was perfect!  We enjoyed our time talking and catching up so much, but our time went by so quickly.  Isn’t it amazing when that happens!?!  I think it’s proof you are with someone you really love!

Paddy Murphy's Irish Pub

We got home a little later that expected and ended up skipping the movie, but it worked out just fine.  We both had a such a great time together!

Until next month!



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