Veterans Day – Letters Home

Photo from "I Love To Tell The Story" blog

Today would normally be our “Meekness” post, but we’ll forgo that until tomorrow.   Something far more important is drawing us.  It’s Veterans Day.  A day set aside to honor those who have served or are serving our country for years, some even giving their very lives!

But what about couples who were forced to be apart?  How did they manage to keep the home fires burning?  We found this video testimony of Stan and Mary.  They barely knew each other when he was sent overseas, but through the power of the written word – their love grew.


Why not write a real, honest to goodness, letter to your spouse and send it to them via Snail Mail?  Sometimes seeing heartfelt sentiments hand written has more meaning than a simple TEXT or FB note.  A letter like this would be treasured for sure!  Not sure how to start?  Check out this website for all the hints you’ll need!  Or you might want to start a tradition with a Between You And Me Journal. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a romantic fling with your spouse via The Postman!

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2 Responses to Veterans Day – Letters Home

  1. Lorraine says:

    Very touching video. This was a hard Veteran’s day for me. Something about having my husband gone for training and knowing that next year he will be Afghanistan and will not be home either. Also, something about a lack of sleep because of two sick kids and a teething baby. But with all that has been hard here, I think this 6 week separation has been harder on my husband than on those of us at home, perhaps because he knows that after he comes home, we will only have a few weeks together before he is gone for the next 13 months. He misses the loves and cuddles he gets at home and the excitement of having daddy come home. To help him cope, I decided to do a little thing for him. We have had a family blog for a long time, but there is no way that I would write the details that he longs to hear there, so I made a new private blog just for him. There I tell him in great detail each day what we have been up to, telling him the little things that he might want to know about our day. He in turn tells us about his day. I also post a journaling question each day and it has been amazing to get to know each other better through our answers. I plan to keep this up through his deployment. I know it isn’t as great as a hand written letter, which I will also send, but it has helped him to feel much closer to our family while he is away for his military service.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Dear Lorraine,

      Thank you for sharing this very special idea with us. I, along with all who will read this, want to pray for your husband as well as you during this difficult time. Thank you a million times for your sacrifices for our country. We salute you!


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