Marriage Bill of Rights

Have you ever had this thought about your spouse, “I have a right to be treated (fill in the blank!)?”

We can enter into the marriage covenant with an unwritten lists of our personal rights and demands.  Everything is fine until one of these rights are violated.  Rather than extend grace to the offender, a conflict ensues.  Rights, as they pertain to us personally, are NOT the rights we are to pursue as a married couple.  There are rights to abide by, but they are not our personal rights.  No, we are called to be guardians of our spouse’s rights.

Below is an excellent list we discovered on The Two Equal One website.   Read the list and evaluate this weekend how well you are at protecting your spouse’s rights.  It may just stir some meaningful conversation over a hot cup of coffee.

I have the right to encourage you daily. I have the right to build you up, not tear you down.
I have the right to affirm you every time you succeed.
I have the right to encourage you every time you win or lose.
I have the right to comfort you when you hurt.
I have the right to protect you when you are attacked.
I have the right to pray for you without ceasing.
I have the right to defend you from every weapon formed against you.
I have the right to esteem and honor you.
I have the right to pick you up when you fall.
I have the right to speak life to you.
I have the right to love you unconditionally.
I have the right to respect you in front of others.
I have the right to find out your needs and meet them and to   diagnose your hurts and heal them.
I have the right to serve you at any time.
I have the right to ask God to give you wisdom. I have the right to bless you.


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