Fragrant Aroma – 100 Joys – Week 3

Oh, what a week it’s been!  I am seeing joy everywhere!  Even in familiar Christmas carols I’ve overlooked.  My favorite this year is “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” by Meredith Andrews, who sang for us at our church’s 25th Anniversary Celebration a couple of weeks ago.  If you haven’t heard it – click here!

Here is my ongoing list of Joys I’ve noticed this past week:

52. C.S. Lewis’ gift of The Chronicles of Narnia

53.  “Christ in me the hope of glory!”

54.  Celebrating 25 years of God’s faithfulness to our church family.

55.  Loving a little two year old and remembering loving her mommy when she was two.

56.  Hot BBQ when it’s freezing outside.

57.  Finding the perfect gift at the perfect price.

58.  Baking cookies with family.

59.  Hearing my southern friend who lives in another state say,  “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow darlin'”  And knowing she means it.

60.  Being there for a friend who is facing many life-changing decisions.

61.  Christmas music!

62.  The moment your plane touches ground in your hometown.

63.  Hearing my car engine start after it’s been jumped by a friend at the airport parking lot after dark!

64.  My cat’s purr.

65.  Receiving an e-mail with good news!

66.  Hearing the attendant in a public restroom singing, “How Great Thou Art.”

67.  A phone call from my Mom telling me how God is helping her today.

68.  Hearing of neighbors pitching in to help another neighbor who is grieving.

69.  Snow – lots of it and how beautifully it reflects the Christmas lights.  (Tom)

Burlington, Vermont


This project is the idea of Sarah Markley, The Best Days of My Life blog.  If you would like to join us it’s simple.  Just start keeping track of your 100 joys this month, and link up to her blog each Monday.

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