Mark Your Christmas

Each year Christmas arrives right on time – it doesn’t matter if you’re ready; it doesn’t matter if you’re finished with all your shopping.  It comes on December 25th, and it’s about the only day most stores are closed.

I remember the time when most stores were closed on Sunday.  About the only thing to do on Sunday was to visit family near or far.  Thus the term, “Let’s go for a Sunday drive!”  It was because there was nothing better to do.

Now Chik-Fil-A is the exception to the rule.  Everyone is opened on Sunday, and the only difference is most stores open later and close earlier…

But for Christmas!

Christmas is still held as the time reserved for family.  It isn’t just another day on the calendar.  It is special.  It’s special not because the stores are closed, but stores are closed because it is SPECIAL.

So how will you mark your Christmas this year?  We always focus on the children, because this time of year is so much fun with little ones to hold and love.  But why not make plans to mark this Christmas together as husband and wife.  If it wasn’t for Christmas, our marriages wouldn’t have a strong foundation to help us stay the course – in good times and bad.  It is for Christ that we choose to love one another as He has loved us.

So, plan some alone time to celebrate this Christmas. Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray together thanking God for what Christmas has meant to you both personally.
  • Share communion.
  • Worship the Lord with familiar Christmas hymns
  • Start a tradition of exchanging gifts before going to bed on Christmas Eve.
  • Reflect on how God has helped you this year and talk about your dreams for the New Year.
  • Find a way to give of yourselves to someone in need.  Like serving together in a homeless shelter or adopting a family who needs help.  You can even do this last one anonymously!
  • ____________________________________________________.

(What idea would you write in the blank above?  Won’t you share it with us?)

May this Christmas be marked with gratefulness for the birth of our Savior, and filled with overflowing JOY of His willingness to come and live among us!  We are blessed in more ways than we can count, yet often we forget.  Mark this Christmas with “tidings of comfort and JOY!” in all that He has done!

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