The Things We’ll Miss

2010 will soon be a memory.  Amazing isn’t it, how quickly a year goes by?  Even more amazing is how fast our lives pass.  We have been given a few short years in this life to make a difference.  This is why marriage matters.  It matters when we hold a grudge.  It matters when we choose to withdraw affection.  Time is passing, and if we realized how quickly, we wouldn’t waste a single minute with our pettiness and complaints.  Instead we would choose to be grateful, even for the little annoyances we experience day in and day out.

I’ve heard it said by a good friend how she gets annoyed by the fact that after 30+ years of marriage she is still picking up dirty clothes after her husband.  But one day the Lord graciously interrupted her whining and complaining with this thought:

“You know, this is the very thing you’ll miss when he’s gone!”

It was something she had never considered.  And this little interruption completely changed her heart towards this imperfection in her husband.

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Recently, we saw this video on another excellent marriage blog we frequent – Marriage Gems.  We believe it speaks volumes, but we must warn you – grab a tissue.  You’ll  most likely need it!  But more than this, we pray it will inspire you to actually thank God for the daily imperfections found in each other.

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6 Responses to The Things We’ll Miss

  1. Lovely post. Thank you for it. I can certainly use its remembrance.


  2. Sharon O says:

    That was beautiful and yes I am crying. My best friend lost her husband to esphogeal cancer right before their 25th anniversary. She and I talked and walked and shared and I just listened mostly. What impacted me the most was when I wanted to complain about my husbands socks or shoes or coats thrown everywhere, she would look at me and say “I would love his socks on the floor or his messes…at least yours is breathing.” She taught me alot in that process. In fact I said ‘You are no fun to complain to’ and I knew in my heart I had a lesson to learn. Seven years later she was ablt to remarry and they are happy and content in their ‘older years’. We are all in our mid fifties and that gives us new perspective where we didn’t have in our twenties. Life is precious now and every day matters. Thank you for the encouragement.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Thank you for sharing Sharon. What a great reminder of how we should live. Happy New Year to you and your family!


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  4. Patty says:

    I’ve been married for 30 years, and in the past 3 or 4 years, God has really changed my perception/perspective, with regard to those things that have, at times, been irritations to me where my husband is concerned. Perhaps it’s been the loss of some very dear, older, men in my life, but when those irritations arise, I now think, “Should the Lord take my husband before me, I will miss this “thing.” Attitude is everything!


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