Here’s To Us Challenge – Part 2

February Challenge

This is the second month of our Here’s To Us Challenge.  It’s a year long event where we purpose to find one special something to celebrate each month as husband and wife!  Tom and I are celebrating the end of a very challenging conflict.  How?  Well, I’m afraid we can’t tell you HOW, but suffice it to say – we enjoyed our oneness!

Yes, we are very happy around here, and excited to hear how you’ve celebrated some everyday moments this past month.  If you don’t remember the challenge – check it out HERE.  If you do, please comment telling us how you celebrated something little, but special.  This is your chance to enter our monthly drawing for a gift card to your favorite restaurant.  What a great gift to share with your spouse on Valentines Day too!  We will delay announcing the winner until Tuesday, so the winner can surprise their spouse.

So, don’t delay!!  You have until midnight Sunday to post a comment, which gives you time to celebrate a Here’s To Us moment in case you’ve forgotten!   We look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re still not sure how to celebrate Valentines Day – check out this post from the Simply Modern Moms’ blog.  She has some great inexpensive ideas that don’t require a babysitter!


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Tom and Debi have been sharing encouragements through their blogs for many years. Marriage, Reading God's Word and documenting family history is our focus. Growing in our relationship with the Lord is primary in all we say, write or do. We are grateful for all who desire to join us in the same endeavors.
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8 Responses to Here’s To Us Challenge – Part 2

  1. dnrfamily says:

    Last December I was wanting to come up with an idea for us to celebrate romance everyday. While scoping the internet, I came across a romance calendar. I was very excited about the idea of creating a calendar made of up little things that we could do for each other. At first Danny seemed overwhelmed by it, but has really grown to liking the calendar that sits framed on my dresser. Even if we don’t get to do every single day because of late nights at work or sickness, it’s good for us to plan just a little something! Here are some of the tasks: hide a love note, breakfast date, kiss for 1 minute, slow dance, send an email, hold hands, snuggle and listen to music, plus, our scheduled date nights. It’s all really simple but intention. I had one night all planned out, but it ended up not working out at all because we just need to talk, and that’s good too!!


  2. Lorraine says:

    My husband is far away right now, so we spend a bit of time each day together on Skype. This morning we celebrated as I help my laptop at a crazy angle so that daddy could (for the first time) see our 1 year old standing all by himself in the middle of the floor. It was so fun to spend this special moment enjoying our childrens accomplishments together.


  3. Sharon O says:

    Our challenge this last two weeks has been a ‘recovery’ from surgery. My husband had shoulder surgery so I had to help him put on socks, tee shirts etc. Then he had an allergic reaction to the ‘shoulder sling’ and I had to take him to ER two times in two days. He was in a ‘phylactic’ shock with a severe rash, and skin that looked like a sunburn that was peeling. It has not been ‘fun’ but challenging for us as a couple. I am not a nurse for me to wait on him and help him with meds etc has been both challenging and good for us. We made it.


  4. Noelle says:

    George and I celebrate winter each year by going as a family up to Chicago.. We leave the nice warm winter of Florida to experience “real” winter with snow and negative temperatures. Everyone always tells us we’re crazy but we love it! We just got back and I miss the snow already! =) We have a blast playing like little kids together in the snow.


  5. Naomi Dalley says:

    Every January, my husband and I have to attend a business retreat. His parents come to town to stay with the kids, and we get away for a few days. It’s usually quite fun and refreshing, but this year I decided to try to make it extra special–to make it a “here’s to us” getaway. So, I packed extra special lingerie and wine glasses, and bought a bottle of sparkling grape juice on the way to the hotel. Unfortunately, my husband ended up getting food poisoning or the flu and felt miserable most of the time away, so my plan was a little thwarted. However, we ultimately still enjoyed some nice togetherness time (without the kiddos pulling at our attentions…) and now we have a nice bottle of sparkling grape juice to enjoy for our Valentine’s Day date!!!


  6. Joyce D says:

    We usually will go out to eat for Valentines Day on any day but the 14th! Today we were able to eat at one of our favorite resturants–Corky Bells. We had a great lunch together. Now for valentines day I will shop for our meal and my hisband will cook!


  7. Sandy says:

    My hubby and I eat out once a month… i t is not a big issue on us if we only do this once a month.Main reason is our busy schedule and our 3 kids.
    But we always had a great day everyday, we have so much time to talk everyday!


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