Love Songs In The Air

Music has a way of communicating heart-to-heart in a way no other venue does.  The words tell of our deepest emotions and when set to music the words somehow find a place of quiet rest in the heart of the hearer.  How appropriate it would be to share a favorite love song with your Valentine today, and we have found the perfect way to do it. is providing a variety of love songs available for you to send to your spouse for a very romantic serenade.  Simply choose the song that you want to dedicate and follow the prompts to post it to your spouse’s Facebook page.

Or if you would rather your song be more private, visit for your free MP3 download to send to your spouse for keeps!  You’ll be given a code to use for $2 credit which is enough to pay for the download of one song.

Love is in the air, and now you have the chance to adorn it with music!

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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